Sew Special is a small home based business selling Quilts and quilted items, great for gifts.



Long, long ago (well, about seventeen years actually) I searched high and low for a lovely 'button' fabric to border a Button Quilt I was making. A friend suggested I 'Google' it (I was a complete novice!) and found exactly what I wanted in America.  So, after taking a deep breath, and with shaky hands I typed in my credit card number. I thought if I'm going to this much trouble I'll buy extra and sell it through TradeMe to cover my costs.  The rest is history.  My daughter chose the name for me, and I think it IS sooo special





I have been selling mostly through Craft Markets which I have been enjoying but lately, due to health, I have made the decision that markets are a thing of the past.  I will be selling on line from now which brings a whole new adventure The latest addition to my stock is BE PART OF THE SOLUTION, a range of eco friendly items and I have been adding new products all the time.  I LOVE New Zealand so a lot of my stock is made in the gorgeous Kiwiana fabrics.