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  • Buntings
    These are great to add that 'something special' to your home, garden, deck, caravan and also for special occassions, eg wedding, outdoor party etc
  • Door Silencer
    DOOR SILENCER Have you a new baby? Or a child who is a light sleeper? Or that door that always slams shut in a breeze? Just hook each end around the door knob and there you go! The latch has been silenced :-)
  • Home Decor
    Its these little things that add character and a touch of your own personality to your home
  • Decorative and practical, these oven mits, pot holders, trivets etc will add colour to your kitchen
  • Sewing Room
    SEWING ROOM Items to make your sewing easier and pleasureable if that isn't already happening! Pin cushion, sewing tidies etc. Great for gifts.


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