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  • Bought one of these from your Trade Me Site ages ago. Have travelled overseas and have had many requests about where I purchased and how can they get one. Well Done Great Product. Am now hunting through the site for gift ideas. Thanks for a very useful item.
    Posted: 2010-02-13 15:20 by Sarndra B    
  • Love your website. You cvan be very proud of it. Awesome. This is the first time I've checked it out.I love it
    Posted: 2009-04-03 14:05 by Linda    
  • Wow!! Great website. I've just registered. I'll be visiting the website often. It will save me hours looking up fabric on Trade Me
    Posted: 2008-01-06 21:16    
  • I came to see your fantastic website, I am registered now too, so keep those newsletters coming. It was lovely to meet you yesterday and I hope to see you again soon. Louise
    Posted: 2007-12-16 14:18    
  • You have a wonderful site. I am sure it will be well used as you have put so much effort in to it. Way to go girl. Glenys
    Posted: 2007-11-09 16:56    
  • Great looking website, congratulations
    Posted: 2007-11-08 20:43    
  • Hi your new website is awesome, well done to you and will be coming back regularly, Pat
    Posted: 2007-11-08 10:02    
  • Been a journey for sure - but well worthwhile! Am delighted to have been for the ride!
    Posted: 2007-11-08 08:14    
  • hi great idea chris
    Posted: 2007-11-07 20:13    
  • Hi Tricia it's been a long time :o( I now am the proud owner of a Intelliquilter and have a partner as well, Awesome site, take care Steph
    Posted: 2007-11-07 18:44    
  • wondered what had happened to you. looking forward to shopping :)
    Posted: 2007-11-07 17:47    
  • What a wonderful site you are as your name says sew special. It is great that someone is keeping the passion going via buying over the internet.
    Posted: 2007-11-07 17:26    
  • superb web site, looking forward to dropping in. (Remember me - you asked permission to use sew special logo and I said yes as I had snagged it from somwhere else long ago.)
    Posted: 2007-11-07 16:13    
  • Aren't you clever with all your design work, well done Tricia!
    Posted: 2007-11-07 15:34